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Dental Implant Restoration

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A dental implant is a biocompatible, man-made substitute to replace missing tooth roots and is usually made of a space-age alloy of titanium. Dental implants come in various shapes and sizes to fit most tooth replacement applications and is a procedure that Palo Alto dentist Dr.Hakim has done many times. Most are cylinders placed into bone and allowed to heal undisturbed while bone heals around them, locking them in like an anchor. After a short period of time, the implants are used as a foundation for replacing the missing teeth.

Over 30 million people in the U.S. have no teeth in one or both arches and most of them are unaware of what implant dentistry can do to improve their overall oral health and appearance. Tens of millions more have lost some teeth and implants can restore their chewing function to the equivalent of someone with natural teeth.

Along with the restoration of lost chewing ability, dental implants can improve teeth appearance, end embarrassment, and give real self-confidence to patients who need them. They are a real breakthrough! They are the most stable and best solution for missing teeth and this procedure is one that has been done repeatedly for years.

Today dental implants are the Dr. Hakim’s preferred method of replacing missing teeth. Because of proven success, preservation of existing teeth, and no susceptibility to dental decay (cavities), dental implants are the answer to those who do not want removable dentures and partials.

Although a patient may have a number of treatment options for the restoration of missing teeth, none have a proven track record as to functionality, effectiveness and durability as implants. In many cases, dental implants may be the only choice for teeth restoration.

If your smile is in need of a makeover and you need to restore your ability to chew, implant dentistry may be the right solution for you.