Tooth Colored Fillings Palo Alto

Composite Tooth Colored Fillings in Palo Alto

Menlo Park, Stanford, Atherton

Made from extremely durable composite resins, tooth-colored fillings are less noticeable than silver amalgam fillings and are similar in color and texture to natural teeth. This composite material allows Palo Alto dentist Dr. Hakim to closely match the color, which is particularly important on teeth that are more visible in the mouth.

Because of the mercury and other metals in older amalgam fillings, composite fillings are safer and have become the preferred method of repair for tooth decay. In addition, many people have chosen to have their old silver amalgam fillings removed and replaced with these new tooth colored composite fillings.

If you have cavities and need to have them filled, or you would like to have your old silver fillings replaced with new composite tooth colored fillings, then please call our Palo Alto dentistry practice at 650.321.3220 or send an email to to discuss your options.