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Our Digital Dentistry Practice in Palo Alto

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Digital dentistry is the replacement of traditional dental procedures with their digital counterparts in order to achieve the most accurate results in a fraction of the time. 

Some of the Digital Dentistry Technologies We Use:

Orthophos SL 3D – allows us to get very accurate 2D and 3D images 

• CEREC® Same Day Dental Crowns –  allows us to both create and place a dental crown in just one visit.

• SICAT AIR: The first 3D solution for OSA Therapy – a fully digital 3D solution for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.

One of the areas that we use digital dentistry is in the production of functionally and cosmetically superior crowns and bridges in only one appointment. 

Palo Alto Cerec

Traditional methods of creating dental molds for crowns and other restoration procedures very often lack the necessary precision which can result in poorly fitting restorations, a waste of time and money, and having our patients being unhappy and uncomfortable. For these reasons and unlike many other dental practices, we have joined the digital dentistry movement by replacing lab produced crowns and bridges with digitally made counterparts using our CEREC technology.

Another very important use of digital dentistry is in the more accurate diagnoses which increases the rate of predictability and outcomes.

By using our state of the art 3-D cone beam imaging, we can evaluate and diagnose much more accurately than traditional 2-D imaging, which can lead to early diagnosis and excellent outcomes. This in turn improves the overall experience for our patients and decreases the risks of complications. 

The 3-D cone beam scan also allows us to do an implant procedure for our patients from start to finish in only one day. 

We plan the end result at the beginning by designing the dental implant on our 3-D image. The end result is an implant that not only fits well and looks great, but can last and function much better and longer than it’s traditional counterpart. 

Palo Alto Digital Dental Implants

Our Digital Dentistry practice here in Palo Alto allows us to provide the best in cutting-edge dental technology for our patients. It enables us to give them the best that dentistry has to offer in a more efficient and effective manner.  Contact Us today to find out more about the Digital Dentistry services we offer.