Periodontist Palo Alto Dr. Kazemi

Dr. Kazemi is an award winning board certified Periodontist & Implant surgeon.


  • Associate Endowed Scholarship, Ostrow School of Dentistry University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA Jan. 2018
  • Graduate Student Government grant University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA Nov. 2017
  • Western Society of Periodontology Research Award, San Diego, CA Nov. 2017 Winner, 1st place.
  • Board of Trustees Tuition Waver Award, School of Public Health University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL Academic year 2015
  • Winner David Steflik Memorial Research Grant competition American Academy of Implant Dentistry Student Research Awards Fall 2018

Selected Publications

  • “Association between food intake and oral health in elderly” Kazemi Sh., et al., SEPAHAN systematic review, No. 8. Dental Research J 2012; Speacial Issue.
  • “Adhesion to Er:YAG laser and bur – prepared root and crown dentin” Shirani F.; Birang R.; Malekipour MR.; Zeilabi A.; Shahmoradi M.; Kazemi Sh., Aus Dent J, 2012.
  • “Resveratrol as a supplemental treatment for periodontitis” Khazaei S.; Khazaei M.; Kazemi Sh.; Yaghini J., Dental Res J. 2012 Sept-Oct; 9(5): 655-657.
  • “Color stability of composite resins in different color media” Malekipour M.; Sharafi A.; Kazemi Sh.; Khazaei S.; Shirani F., Dental Res J, 2012; 9(4):441-6.
  • “A randomized clinical trial evaluating the success rate of ethanol wet bonding technique and two adhesives.” Mortazavi V.; Samimi P.; Rafiezadeh M.; Kazemi Sh., Dental Research J, Issue No. 5, 2012.
  • “Using of PRP and Human Amniotic Fluid combination for osteogenesis in rabbit socket preservation” Kazemi Sh., et al., Journal of Dental Hypothesis, November 28, 2015 6(4);151-155.


  • “Mir Comprehensive Curriculum Plan of Basic Medical and Dental Sciences, Classified Examinations, 1st Collection: Recent programs, 2000-2009” Kazemi Sh., et al., Mir University Press.
  • “Mir Comprehensive Curriculum Plan of Basic Medical Sciences, 1st Volume (A summary of courses)” Kazemi Sh., et al., Mir University Press.

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