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CEREC brings together two types of computer technology. The first computer allows the doctor to be able to map out the tooth that the crown will be sitting on. The second allows the crown to be made in the actual dentists’ office instead of being shipped out to be made.  While there are many reasons to use CEREC here are just a few reasons.

What does CEREC mean to you?  For one, you will be sitting in the dentist’s chair for a much shorter amount of time.  Because the computers allow the dentists to make your crown quickly and efficiently in their own office, you don’t have to use a temporary until the crown has arrived. That means ONE office visit instead of two, saving you both time and money!

CEREC crowns are made out of either a ceramic material or a type of synthetic resin; depending on the doctors’ opinion. Because the crowns are made of a single block of material it means they are stronger than most and will last a longer period of time.  Due to the fact that your picture has been taken and ran through the CEREC program your new crown will have been made to look as much like your real tooth as possible.

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