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Palo Alto Dentist Zahra Hakim DDSZahra Hakim, DDS

Dr. Zahra Hakim is a graduate of University of California, San Francisco with an extra year of training in oral and maxillofacial surgery and implant dentistry.  She is also a premier provider of Invisalign with over two hundred cases completed successfully.Dr. Hakim has been closely affiliated with The University of California, San Francisco and is an assistant clinical professor at UCSF’s department of Oral and maxillofacial surgery.  Her expertise in oral surgery enables her to perform dental implant procedures from start to finish so the patients can receive a surgical and restorative treatment in the center without the need to visit multiple specialists.

Dr. Hakim has a team of professional hygienists who have in combination over 40 years of dental hygiene experience. She and all the Hygienists are licensed to perform laser dentistry and she continually endeavors to ensure that all staff in the practice  improve their skill base in order to provide the highest standard of care possible.  Dr Hakim and her team are always focused on patient comfort and satisfaction and patients can be assured of receiving the highest standard of care.


Periodontist Palo Alto Dr. Kazemi Shantia Kazemi, Periodontist & Implant surgeon

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Dr. Kazemi is an award winning board certified Periodontist & Implant surgeon. Dr Kazemi has years of experience in same day teeth replacement, graftless/full arch implant solutions, minimally invasive gum graft techniques and periodontal plastic procedures, ridge augmentations (GBR, Block grafts) as well as sinus lift procedures.  She utilizes advanced microsurgery instruments, minimally invasive, and non-invasive techniques that allows for superior results, minimal discomfort and faster recovery for the procedures she performs.

She completed her certificate in Periodontal surgery & Implant dentistry at University of Southern California, Los Angeles. During her time at USC, she was the President of ‘’Advanced Periodontology Residents Study Club’’ and was selected to receive ‘’Associate endowed scholarship’’ from USC School of Dentistry in 2017.  She is also a recipient of the prestigious grant from ‘’American Academy of Implant Dentistry’’ for her research project on ‘’The effect of prosthesis dimensions and implant dimensions on peri-implant marginal bone’’. Before her time at USC, she earned MS degree in Clinical Translational Sciences from the University of Illinois at Chicago where she received the ‘’Board of trustees Scholarship’’ for academic excellence in 2015. A recipient of several awards and honors, she has also lectured nationally and internationally on implant dentistry and laser dentistry. Dr. Kazemi has published several articles in peer-reviewed journals, and serves as peer reviewer and associate editor of scientific journals in the field of implant dentistry and periodontology.

Dr. Kazemi strives to make dental visits a low-stress experience with minimal discomfort. She takes pride in providing high quality evidence-based care to each patient based on their unique individual needs.

When not working, she spends time with her family & friends, enjoys hiking, swimming, gardening and traveling.


Nicole Dormes - Office ManagerNicole Dormes, Office Manager

After working in the dental field for 4 years, I joined the team at Extraordinary Smile to explore my passion towards helping others achieve their best possible smile. One of my biggest endeavors is to always give back. I love to cook with my daughter in my free time, and when I am not busy you can find me spending time with my family and exploring places unknown to me.





Yoshiko Murata, RDHYoshiko Murata, RDH

Yoshiko has been a member of the team since Dr. Hakim started her practice at the present location.  She enjoys treating all the wonderful people who come to the office.  Yoshiko became a Registered Hygienist in California in 1999 after serving as a dental hygienist in Japan.  She earned her certification for laser soft tissue treatment in 2005 and has improved many of her patient’s periodontal health. Yoshiko lives in Mountain View with her husband and daughter.